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Grieving Mom Swears Daughter She Lost in 2013 Showed Up In Her 2022 Family Photos

That really is a beautiful orb in the photo.

At a distance, this family portrait seems unremarkable but when you look closely you can see something many believe to be magical. The picture shows this family standing with linked hands on a quant bridge with three children and one baby in the mother’s arms. Just beneath the married couple’s hands there is a beautiful orb with magenta and orange hues like an oil slick on water. 

The couple believes this orb is actually the spirit of their daughter who passed away in 2013, reuniting to join them for this family memory. The way the orb just overlaps with the parents’ hands makes it seem like the spirit of their daughter is joining to hold their hands too.

The unbearable loss of a child can often spark those in mourning to seek comfort from these orb phenomena known to show up in pictures. While there are many practical explanations that can sometimes cause these floating circles of light to appear, it’s much nicer to believe our loved ones can return to check up on us even after they have left the mortal realm.

Those who believe often associate orb colors with different meanings, such as orange indicating healing energy, comfort, hope, and strength while the deep pink along the edge implies an open affection, compassion, and love. Hopefully this touching family picture will always bring comfort to the couple after such a tragic loss. 

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