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Woman Believes Niece She's Raising As Her Daughter Can Still See Her Late Mom

She seems very connected to the woman's spirit.

This family was hit with a terrible tragedy, the loss of a sister, when her own child was little more than a baby. Although some time has passed, it is clear that a lot of grief remains, especially since, as the girl grows older, it’s important to start explaining to her in age-appropriate ways where she comes from and why, although she calls her aunt her mommy, she actually had first mommy who also loved her more than anything else in the world.

But, as this video shows, it’s possible that this darling child understands a lot more than her family thinks.


In this video, the mother tearfully explains how difficult it has been trying to explain to her daughter (her late sister’s child) that the little girl actually has two mommies—the one who is raising her and the one who passed away.

But her daughter, it seems, already knows. And when she shows the little girl a picture of her as a baby with her original mother, she says she recognizes her, and that her first mother is a “butterfly.”

Then, the woman shows us the urn where she keeps her late sister’s ashes, which is emblazoned with butterflies.

I’ll give you a moment to get your tissues.

It gets better. Later, when she asks the little girl what she wants to be for Halloween, she says she’d like to dress up like a butterfly, just like her mother.

It’s clear that this little girl, despite experiencing so much loss in her short life, is surrounded by a powerful love.