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Woman Shares All the Good Fortune She Had After Buying a Certain Crystal

I’m about to go get one.

Moldavite is a popular crystal for promoting good fortune. It is often made into jewelry and worn as a talisman meant to connect you to a spiritually higher plane as well as (due to its “mossy" appearance) ground your Earth chakra. In short, it helps you supercharge your intentional manifestations by forming a bridge between what your soul wants and what your body and mind can achieve.

This woman knows the power of moldavite, as her life has completely transformed since buying a ring set with the stone last year.


In this video, a woman explains that, ever since buying a lovely moldavite rings in Florida the previous year, she’s pursued her dream of becoming a tattoo artist, opened her own studio, escaped from a car wreck without a scratch but with a check in hand for a sweet new ride, moved into her own place, and adopted a cat.

Wow! What a banner year!

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Moldavite is a sort of meteoric glass, formed millions of years ago when a giant rock crashed into Earth and sprayed bits of this crystal all over Eastern Europe. Because it only formed under these special and specific circumstances, it is pretty rare and very expensive.

Some believe this crystal is cursed, but others say what it really is is powerful, and capable of bringing on monumental change for the bearer, which is certainly what this woman experienced.

Crystal experts say that for those especially sensitive to its powers, just touching moldavite can make you feel “tingly” or lightheaded. For me, if I touched a rock and it made me feel dizzy, I would check for radiation. 

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