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Is Your House Haunted or Is it Just Covered In Mold?

Here’s why you may be seeing ghosts.

Old houses come with a lot of quirks. Tiny kitchens, bad plumbing, water in the basement. And of course, there’s the ever-present danger that there is more in residence there than that next of mice in the attic. Yes, I’m talking about ghosts. We’ve all seen the videos of the slamming doors and floating orbs, and heard the stories of creepy presences and shadows lingering in the corners.

But what if it’s not restless spirits that are making you afraid in your own home. What if it’s just something else that really likes dead things? Yes, I’m talking about fungus. 


This video explains the hypothesis that claims of ghostly presence in old home may be due not to paranormal activity, but rather to fungal growth. A variety of toxic molds in people’s homes can cause headaches, feelings of unease or anxiety, depression, and even auditory and visual hallucinations. Historians have long theorized that certain “panics” in the past (like, say, the Salem Witch Trials) can be partially attributed to the presence and subsequent consumption of the mold ergot in granaries.

The individual doing this research is civil and environmental engineering professor Dr. Shane Rogers of Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. A ghost fan himself, he’s not seeking to debunk these stories, just to get help for those who are suffering from the debilitating effects of a mold infestation.

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So the good news is, it’s not ghosts! The bad news is, you’re being poisoned by insidious toxic mold that might be harder to abate than calling in help from a priest and some salt.

And though this may solve the problems associated with what people are feeling and hearing and seeing, it doesn’t explain what others are catching on video

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