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Californians Film Triangle UFO Formation Over Mission Beach

What is this?

After a group of lights mysteriously appeared in a triangle formation over Mission Beach in San Diego, UFO enthusiasts are wondering if it’s a return of the mysterious Phoenix lights, an as-yet unexplained phenomenon which shocked the people of Arizona over twenty years ago. This formation resembles that other incident so much that even the original witnesses agree.


The Phoenix lights were a series of mysterious lights in a triangle formation seen above Phoenix and, indeed, the entire state of Arizona back in 1997. As thousands of people saw the lights, and the official explanation of, alternately, “difficult-to-see aircraft” combined with “high-altitude flares” did not sound one hundred percent believable, many people still classify the incident as one of the biggest UFO coverups in the country.

Like the Phoenix lights, these lights are also in a vague triangular formation, though the lights shining here seem to flicker like a flame. Authorities claimed that these lights are not unexplained at all, and are merely long-range flares dropped from military aircraft, which would explain the flickering appearance as well as the fact that some seem to wink out after a certain amount of time.

However, military flares do not last for two hours, which is how long these lights appeared to hover in the air.

In the comments section, viewers of this video were torn, One commenter, a witness to the original Phoenix lights, said they looked just like that. Recalling her experience, she said the she was transfixed, and it was like a great silence had descended over the world while they passed over. Others claimed that they were looking at nothing more interesting than a nighttime military exercise.