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Yet Another Person Has Found a Precious Missing Object in a Place It Couldn't Possibly Be

Someone needs to reboot the sim.

There is a strange, supernatural trend happening right now, and it’s all about people suddenly and unexpectedly finding precious lost objects—sometimes years after they originally lost them, or in places that they could never possibly have gotten to on their own. But whether it’s finding a lost ring given to you by your father years later in a parking lot, or discovering a photo of family in a camera bought at a thrift shop several states away, it never fails to convince the person having this experience that maybe there is something to the theory that we’re all just living in a giant computer simulation, one which regularly “glitches” and delivers impossible coincidences. I myself had one of these “missing jewelry incidents, when I turned my house upside down looking for my favorite necklace, only to find it days later in a bag that I had packed expressly for the trip, and knew had not contained the necklace before.

This woman also lost a piece of jewelry that was later found, and now she’s not sure her reality can be completely trusted.

In the video, the young woman explains that her grandmother gave her a pair of ruby earrings as a child, but she lost one. Still, due to the sentimental value, she kept the other earring her whole life, even when she moved across the country, from Arizona to Alaska.

Then, recently, she stepped out of a car in an Alaska parking lot—and felt the missing earring underneath her foot.

In the video, she is wearing the earrings in question.

In the comments, viewers insist they’ve had similar eerie circumstances, especially with earrings. So, is there a duplication bug in the Matrix, or what?

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