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Family With Missing Cat Shocked To Discover Kitty Clone Waiting Outside Door

Is he on a second life?
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“Imagine waking up sad about your cat being missing for a week then walking outside to a baby version of him,” reads the caption on a recent, heartwarming TikTok video.

This woman was sad about her missing black-and-white tuxedo kitty. The feline had been gone for a week, and after putting up signs with his picture on it all over the neighborhood, she was surprised to find a tiny black-and-white kitten waiting for her on the front porch.


In the video, the woman is shocked to discover that rather than her missing cat, what has returned to her home is a tiny little cat who looks like her pet’s mini-me.

“He saw the flyer and thought he fit the description,” said one viewer.

“He found the fountain of youth,” observed another.

“‘My mom said my dad lived here,’” joked a third.

Others wondered if perhaps the cat was reborn into the next of his legendary nine lives and is coming home to where he belongs.

No word on what happened to this family’s original cat, but they are keeping the tiny kitty anyway.

Interestingly, Japanese folklore holds that if your house cat goes missing, the best way to get him to come home is to tell the neighborhood strays that your cat is gone. According to this tradition, your cat may not know his way around the neighborhood, but the strays do, and can quickly help the lost kitty find his way back home. (Naturally, you must amply reward the street cats with treats for their assistance.)