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Savannah Paranormal Expert Claims Every Single Mirror In the World Is “Haunted”

Think of it as more than a looking glass...

On a recent episode of their paranormal podcast, The Savannah Underground “Horror Entertainers” Chris Soucy and Madison Timmons made a shocking claim that gave many listeners fears that they were inviting the paranormal into their home merely by daring to own that most common of household items: a mirror.


“Every mirror on the face of the Earth is haunted,” claimed Soucy. “I know this is going to freak everyone out.”

“Yes,” agreed his co-host, Timmons.

He went on to describe that every mirror on the planet is “controlled” by whoever the “strongest spirit around is” and that this spirit, whatever it might be, uses the mirror as a portal or a way to glimpse our mundane world.

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If this is the case, I feel really bad for whatever spirit it is that lives inside my car’s sun visor and stays covered up most of the time. And what to think of the spirits in rearview mirrors. Are they, too, closet then they appear?

He went on to claim that if you banish this strong spirit from the mirror, it’s just going to allow the next one in line to take over, unless you “lock” your mirror using a technique that the two of them claim to know about.

People in comments are torn. Some are wildly supportive “That’s why I always keep my mirrored covered when I’m not using them,” says one individual, who must have some very interesting home decor. Another, however, is as skeptical as I am. “Even the ones from target?” they quip.

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