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How to Perform a "Return to Sender" Mirror Spell

They'll get what's coming to them.

Mirrors have a long and glorious magical tradition. Think of the magic mirror in Snow White, which can tell a gazer who is the fairest of them all. The looking-glass that Alice steps through is another wondrous mirror, and the wacky world beyond a reflection of our own. Then, of course, there is the magic mirror that breaks into pieces and causes so much heartache and trouble for the two children at the heart of the original Snow Queen story. Mirrors are certainly enchanted.

And they can be used to enchant, as well

In this video, you learn how to perform a quick “return to sender” spell. If someone is causing you trouble, harm, or pain, this is a way to magically bounce that energy back on to them. All you need is a folding pocket mirror, a slip paper, and an orange (for justice! But you can also use black for banishment) pen.

Write the name of the person hurting you down on the slip of paper with the pen, and fold it away from you. Then, put it inside the pocket mirror and close the lid. Next, say the following incantation:

“The pain you caused me is now your own. Justice is here, I am not alone.”

The creator of this video has a few more tips: “One person per mirror,. As soon you’re seeing a result, burn or bury the paper, cleanse the mirror and repeat.”

Don’t forget: as with all banishment spells, you’re going to want to ward or protect yourself before beginning.

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