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Brazilian Couple Claim to be Haunted By Mimic Demon

It calls to them in their own voices...
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Of all the scary stories about spirits, demons, and things that go bump in the night, perhaps the scariest are whatever creature it is that mimics the sound of loved ones. If you’re standing in your house and hear your family calling you from the next room, but no one is there. If you’re walking though your yard and you make out the sound of someone calling your name. It’s more than unsettling…it’s a big, fat NOPE.

This Brazilian couple claims that is exactly what has been haunting them, and they’ve been recording a posting videos of their terrifying encounters with the entity that calls them at night… in their own voices.

Of course, as their videos went viral, they also became highly analyzed. People tried to break down what they were seeing, and what it could possibly mean. Most analyses centered around the figure known as the “sneaker shadow” which was a shadow, humanoid figure that could be seen moving along the hallway in a few video clips. What was this creature—if it was a creature at all?

If this was the demon or entity, that is truly terrifying. But another possibility is that it’s a person in a “green screen suit”, a special effects costume readily available for purchase online, that often helps paranormal video creators in their work.

But green screen suits are not necessary for this type of scary video, which relies on disembodied voices, and—when faked—can be made with in-app sound editing effects on TikTok.

So what is this shadowy figure tormenting the young couple, and why?

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