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Military Wife Convinces Family to Move After Base House Haunting

Noped right out.

After a military wife’s TikTok dancing video went viral for all the wrong reasons, she started looking into some strange happenings around her house and determined that it was time to get out.


It all started when she was dancing with her baby on TikTok and savvy viewers noticed something dark moving under the bed in her child’s room behind her.

Concerned, she called an exterminator to see if she had a rodent problem, but the worker saw no sign of an infestation. However, he did suggest that there was something spookier going on.

The woman, getting nervous, did some digging and discovered that half the houses on the military base where she was living with her family were built over an old cemetery and that it is common knowledge around the base that a lot of them are “haunted.”

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This was not known to her family when they moved in! All of a sudden, a lot of the more mysterious things that had been happening to them made much more sense. For months, the family had been chalking up things going missing and doors opening and shutting, or locking and unlocking, as being the mischievous antics of their young son. But maybe something else was in the house alongside them?

Finally, the family had enough. She called and put in for a housing transfer, telling them that her house was haunted. “And they believed me!” she told her TikTok fans, which makes you think that the housing authority at that base knows something their residents don’t.

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