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Mom Catches Baby Giggling At Orb While In the House of Her Late MIL

She believes she had a ghostly playmate.

This woman finally caught what she had been seeing with her camera. While staying in the room of her late mother-in-law, her baby daughter would laugh and giggle, waving her arms and legs excitedly as if some unseen being is playing with her. When the mother records it she points the camera in the space above her daughter in time to catch an orb zooming away.  

The woman says that her beloved mother-in-law passed away two years ago in that very house. Now when they come to visit they stay in that room, and this woman believes her spirit comes to visit and play with the granddaughter she wasn’t able to meet in life.

Many people believe these orbs that appear in videos and photographs are evidence of ghostly visitors returning from across the veil to check in on their loved ones. Skeptics offer many other possible explanations for many of these recorded incidents, but many still leave people with enough doubt to continue looking for orbs when there seems to be an unseen presence in the room. 

Perhaps these orb phenomena are caused by a floating speck of dust too close to the camera lens, but that seems just as difficult to prove retroactively as a ghostly spirit - and the story of a grandmother checking in on her family is a lot sweeter.

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