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Michigan Man Records "Bigfoot" Growling And Breaking Trees

This one is controversial...

Whenever someone produces video or audio evidence of Bigfoot, the discussion always turns to whether or not this has been faked. And although there are countless ways to fake visuals or sound, and very easily too, given today’s technology, the question I always come back to is that we should be asking, “Why?” What is in it for a random person on TikTok to post a “faked” video of Bigfoot? Especially if they are not a cryptid “influencer,” with a channel devoted to such content, they have little to gain from going to the trouble.

Though this video is from a Bigfoot channel, the question remains: is the audio real—and, if so, what is hiding in these Michigan woods?


This video purports to be a recording someone took of an autumn woods near Vanderbilt, Michigan which a creature is clearly heard howling and breaking trees. However, there is no way to tell (especially on TikTok, which specializes in overwriting audio) if this audio originally belongs to this sweep of the forest. 

Breaking trees, of course, is one of the main activities Bigfoot enthusiasts claim for their monstrous cryptid—that and getting folks to take blurry pictures of it.

No, I jest. Folks say Bigfoot also lobs rocks at them, as well as trees. Some even say that Bigfoot builds massive, X-shaped structures out of the trees it breaks, in order to mark its territory.

Michigan is a hotbed of Bigfoot activity, and many cryptic experts claim there is an entire breeding population of the creature on the Upper Peninsula.

Of note, other animals that growl, are large and hairy, and climb (and occasionally break) trees include bears.