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Spinning UFO Makes Appearance at Miami Air Show

Everyone was looking at the planes!
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The “spinning cube” UFO is not as common a type to be reported as the traditional flying saucer or even the black triangle, and yet, it has been captured on video more often lately. Detractors claim it’s little more than a trick of the light, a bird, bug, or balloon captured in pixelated digital video that makes it look like bright, spinning cube. But these spinning cubes have been spotted not just on video, but by eyewitnesses in Ohio, Missouri, and even some pilots claim that the UFOs they have encountered have been of this type. What makes this particular sighting interesting is that the craft appeared in the middle of an airshow, as if was eager to see what we lowly humans have come up with.


In the video, which has been stabilized and massively slowed so as to catch the incredibly fast UFO, people stand around on a beach watching a jet from the airshow pass over. All of a sudden, out of the water comes a spinning, bright object of some kind, which flits across the screen and vanishes.

With its immense speed, no visible means of propulsion, and easy transition from under the surface to the air, this UFO meets several of the “five observables” that UFO experts say to look for. In the comments, viewers are able to slow and stabilize the video even more, trying and failing to identify it. “This is the best UAP video I’ve seen in years,” says one.

After giving up entirely on figuring out what this craft could be, another quips, “So long and thanks for all the fish,” in reference to the extraterrestrial Dolphin exit from a doomed Earth in the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy