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Mexican Mom Performs Entire Healing Ritual After Daughter Complained of “Bad Energy”

The egg was only the beginning.
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There are as many cultural and family traditions as there are cultures and families, and what might seem strange and unusual to one group is perfectly natural to another. For this family, of Mexican origin, the mother thinks nothing of arranging an entire ritual around the brujería or Mesoamerican spiritual practice of egg cleansing, sometimes called la limpia con huevo or just la limpia.


In the video, a young woman reports asking her mother for an egg cleanse due to a sense she had that she was dealing with some bad energy or even the evil eye. Her mother clearly jumped at the chance to do some spiritual work on her baby, beginning with cleaning the space with incense, then doing a thorough limpia with the egg, followed by some crystal work, chakra alignment, and sonic healing via singing bowls. It obviously was not only Mesoamerican traditions that this woman was calling upon for the occasion!

After the ritual was over, they shared a sweet hug, and then looked at their results through the glass (the safe way to observe the egg that has drawn out your negative energy through the ritual). According to tradition, cloudy, smelly or bloody water after cracking the egg into the glass means there are evil spirits around you. Bubbles means that you have drawn out the evil energy into the egg. Cobwebs or “needles” of yolk drifting out mean that you someone has around you has negative intent toward you or have even placed the “evil eye” on you. And finally, a face in the egg might show you your enemy.

In this girl’s case, her final caption reads, in Spanish, “Just look at the disgusting evil eye I had inside me.”

Thanks, Mom!