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Man Captures Video of Mysterious Streaking Lights Falling Across the Sky

Is it meteors or something more?

Quick astronomy lesson: a chunk of space rock is called a “meteoroid.” When it enters Earth’s atmosphere and becomes a flaming ball or “shooting star,” the correct term for what it is becomes “meteor.” Finally, when the rock has landed and is sitting around on earth, the word for the mineral is “meteorite.” I know, it’s confusing, right? And what’s even weirder is, the shooting stars that this man filmed above his home recently are none of those things.


In this video, a man is baffled by the glorious light show above his house. It’s not just one rock, bu what looks to be an array of nearly a dozen, all falling together out of the sky. Though the video is not dated, the event looks very similar to a recent observation by many people across the world of some falling satellites belonging to the SpaceX Spacelink satellite program, which currently has over two thousand satellites in orbit. In February of this year, a geomagnetic storm caused over forty of these satellites to crash back down to Earth.

Unlike natural meteors, falling satellites appear as a cluster of bright points all moving in the same direction. bright points, all moving in the same direction, leaving streaks behind them. As the artificial debris burns up upon entering the atmosphere, the objects will create streaks of light behind them and “pops” of light as they fall.

It is unclear which satellite this man witnessed re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, but it’s safe to say he did not spot a comet, meteor, or alien craft. 

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