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Alleged Mermaid Approaches Paddleboarder

What would you do?
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Mermaid stories exist in many cultures, but perhaps the most vivid and powerful of these are not the Western European stories founds in Disney cartoons, but rather the powerful water spirits of Caribbean folklore. In Jamaica, many locals warn that the merfolk will drag you under if you’re not careful, and that might be what we’re witnessing in this video.

Or…are we?

In the video a paddleboarder looks shocked by a giant diving mermaid tail. Offscreen, his companion, doing the video recording, says they should get out of the area, “now.” As they move away, there are other indications of a large fishy shape splashing in and out of the water.

But was it a mermaid, and was the shape seen in the initial shots of the video clip the same thing seen splashing in the water later?

The answer might lie in their reactions to the initial clip. Though they seem startled by something, their responses are remarkably calm given the apparent size and shape of the animal that is supposedly diving right next to the paddleboard.

What is most likely happening here is that some large animal—possibly a shark—was indeed in the vicinity, but that the shimmering green “mermaid” in the first shot was added in post. It is very unlike the rest of the images in the video, especially in color saturation.

However, I’m inclined to agree with the viewer who said, “I don’t care if it’s real or not. This made me smile. I love mermaids.”

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