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Is This a Real Mermaid Stranded on a Beach or a Hoax?

You be the judge.

This video shows strange footage of what is clearly half fish and half little girl, but is it real? The video starts with the tail, showing it up the fins which twitch occasionally, but the camera is so close that parts of it are always off camera just enough that it could allow for external force to be causing the movement. As the camera pans upward a dark skinned little girl is seen joined to the fish body in a rough dark patch of middle that could easily be disguising a human child to perpetrate a hoax. Yet, the moving fin and the apparent unconsciousness of the little girl make it compelling to consider. As the camera zooms in on her face her jaw moves and breathing movements can be seen in the chest. Her arm moves dramatically upward, but with the tips of her fingers always just out of the shot in a way that, once again, could be caused by an external force such as a human hand.  

Rumors and sightings of merpeople have been so persistent throughout history that when the Animal Planet released a “mockuentary” pretending to find a mermaid it was greeted with public acceptance that these mythical creatures had indeed been found. 

Taxidermy oddities such as Fiji mermaids remain popular in the cryptozoology field despite their known status of “real fake”. This claimed mermaid has the same appeal despite the many possible ways it could have been manufactured. Some commenters even claim it is literally a kid shoved inside a fish, while others suggest the child’s body might be buried in the sand to create the illusion of being connected to the fish body. 

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