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Medium's Terrified Reaction to Visiting Family's Haunted Farm House Has People Freaking Out

Some haunted houses have things that go bump in the night. But then, there are those that have much more terrifying paranormal activity occurring, to the point where it's downright terrifying. And that's exactly what's been happening at TikTok user Jen Berari, @jberari's, historic farm property since the fall of 2021. 

From hearing strange noises to seeing shadow figures, she's documented some of the strange happenings in a series of videos. But one of her latest clips has gone viral with over 4.4 million views, all thanks to what happened when a medium came to visit the home. The video starts with her daughter standing in her bed, completely frozen in fear and staring at something in front of her. But when the medium starts talking, that's when it gets truly disturbing.

OMG. Even the medium wanted to get the hell out of there immediately. First of all, just think about how terrified Jen must have been after finding her daughter standing in the bed like that. It's enough to make anyone want to run for the hills. But after the medium told her it was time to get out of the house and told the entities not to follow? Yeah. We'd be in a full-blown spring outta there at that point.

People who watched the footage are equally as uneasy. One TikTok user, @Tmoneyyy noted, “The way your daughter didn’t lose contact with whatever she was looking at 😳.” Jen responded with, “Yea, I almost dropped her bc she was freaking me out, but obviously the mom kicks in. I was horrified when I checked to see it she was up. It’s awful.” Another commenter, @Lakin Gallo added, “You definitely need professionals to come in!! I’m so scared for your family, please stay safe.” And @Aaron Murphy added, “Ohh hell no! Abandon that house now.” Jen replied with, “I keep going back and forth, ‘we’re burning that ‘B’ to ’no, I must return and fight to the death.” Like what can I do, let’s be real? Lol”

Whatever decision the family makes as far as whether to stay or go, we just hope they remain safe. And whatever happens to be haunting their house? Clearly, it's not something that likes to be messed with.