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Psychic Medium Delivers Message from Grandmother to Granddaughter and Her Mind Was Blown

How did she know that!?!
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I’m agnostic when it comes to the topic of psychic powers. I know that some people have demonstrated amazing abilities, and others have been exposed as frauds. We also have a very rough understanding of how our brains work, and what knowledge and communication really are. It’s only recently that scientists were able to entertain the idea that trees talk teach other through mycelium networks underground. It’s possible that abilities that some people think of as supernatural are just being more intuitive than others, or having a greater perception that they are willing or able to access.

So when I see a professed psychic doing what skeptics call a “cold reading” I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. We honestly don’t know what they are seeing, or where they are getting it from, but if it gives comfort to someone without taking advantage of them, I ain’t mad at it. 


During a group cold reading in Boston, a psychic tells a woman that she is sensing the presence of the woman’s dead grandmother. In the video, she shares that she knows the grandmother took care of this woman in her youth, that she made spaghetti sauce for her, that she knows she’s been worried about her pet cardinal, and that she knows she’s been thinking of getting a tattoo of her Gran’s writing.

All of this information leaves the woman positively stunned, and some of it is obscure enough (a pet cardinal? What?) that even skeptics have to pause a minute.

Of course, there is the occasional misfire, such as the emphasis on New York, when all the woman could help her out with is that they’d been packing up grandma’s trinkets, and a few were from New York. But overall, a very successful reading, and one that this grieving woman surely appreciated.