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Medium Re-enacts a Conversation She Had With a Ghost About God and It Will Blow Your Mind

Definitely some food for thought.

The concept of extrasensory perception, spirit guides, and psychic mediumship can be a controversial one. Throughout the ages, what one person sees as a visit from an angel, god, or oracle, another might view as psychosis. Are people really interacting with spirits from the beyond, or are they experiencing hallucinations and delusions? Today, many people in the field of psychology think that auditory and visual hallucinations are only problematic or signs of psychosis if the person experiencing these things cannot differentiate them from what is happening in the physical world, and/or if they cause problems for the person’s life.

Obviously, a psychic medium knows that what they are experiencing is not evident to everyone. So who are we to judge if they really see what they say they do?


This woman enjoys filming TIkTok skits of her supposed interactions with her own spirit guides, a cadre of ghosts from various historical periods who accompany her around and talk to her about various topics. In this video, the one she calls Rupert has an insightful conversation about…the story of Exodus. It’s a little confusing because based on the re-enactment and what she has said about this ghost, it seems that the spirit, a soldier from a few centuries ago, would be familiar with this Bible tale, but he acts as if the very nature of God in the story is a mystery to him.

It’s a funny skit, and clearly entertaining for both her and her viewers. It’s tough to tell if she only does this for entertainment or if she really considers herself to be channeling these other spirits. But either way, she knows they are “ghosts”. Whether this is fiction, ghosts, or just a creative adult talking to her imaginary friend, it’s cool.