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Psychic Medium Explains How He Can Tell You’re Lying

Can't kid a kidder, or a psychic.

Most things you read about psychics and lies are about trying to spot the charlatans out there, the fake mediums who claim to be channeling a supernatural awareness and are really just pulling your leg. But this is completely different. This is about how a medium can tell that you’re trying to put one over on him.


In the video, psychic medium Jonathan Mark describes what is like to become aware that his client is lying to him.

The most obvious occurrence is receiving an intense message for someone other than the client he is reading. Though sometimes, Mark says he does receive messages for other people while “tapped in” to the spiritual plane, when it comes through very strongly, it’s usually an indication that someone else is listening in on the session.

During a recent session over Zoom, this exact thing happened, and he asked if there was someone else in the room. The client supposedly apologized, and Mark even heard the sounds of them leaving off screen, but the message for someone else kept coming, and he kept insisting that the other person was still there. Three times, the client lied and said her companion had left, even going so far as to open and close a door off screen, but spirits don’t lie.

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“I don’t understand how you know this three times, it’s incredible,” the client said.

Um, lady, he’s psychic?

And he was also none too amused by these rude antics. “This isn’t how I like my readings to go,” Mark told her, annoyed, and ended the session. Honestly, I don’t blame him. He was trying to communicate with the beyond, not perform parlor tricks for skeptics over Zoom. You can buy psychic power or not, but don't book a reading when all you're really trying to do is debunk. 

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