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Clairvoyant Medium Channels Client’s Dad In Wild Reading

She was apparently spot-on.

The practice of cold reading is one by which illusionists and supposed psychics provide weirdly specific details to a person in order to get them to believe that they are reading their mind. There are many psychological theories as to why this process works that have nothing to do with mind reading and everything to do with making suggestive statements or open ended questions and letting the subject winnow out the chaff and fill in the details on their own.

Critics of the above analysis say that you see what you want to see, and whatever you think of the work of so-called psychics, it is true that grieving friends and family members can find a lot of peace when they feel like they are getting messages from loved ones who have passed on.

Watch the following video, and make your own judgement.


In the video, a psychic medium is claiming to be receiving transmissions related to a woman’s father, who passed. In the course of the conversation, she asks if the woman has a brother (yes) and if the brother has a “B” nickname (also yes!) So far, score one for this woman and her brother, who have now gotten glad tidings from their dear departed father. Next, she describes a pretty specific photograph of a boy in a red and white baseball uniform “riding a bike home from a game.” The best the woman can do, however, to connect that to her father is to say that she’s seen a photo of him as a child wearing a red baseball cap.

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Next, the woman claims to be visualizing a lame rabbit, and the woman explains that after her father died, she was forced to have surgery and couldn’t walk for a long time, during which her only comfort was the bunny she rescued.

I had this pegged as a cold reading in the first half, but the bunny thing has me stumped. Either way, it seems to have brought a lot of happiness to a woman who lost her dad far too young. 

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