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Medical Student Tells Attending Doctor Her Father's Name and They Both Start to Cry

Everything is connected...
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Sometimes, it feels like certain people are put in our life for a reason. We’ve all had the experience of feeling an instant connection with another person, and knowing instinctively that we were meant to know each other. Some believe in soul groups, or the idea that everyone in the world can be connected through only six degrees of separation. Perhaps it is only coincidence, but when we find these incredible connections, we cannot help but be amazed. It’s not only the stuff of novels, but of real life as well.

Such was the case for this young medical student recently, who met an attending physician who was connected to her in a way that she never would have guessed.

In this Twitter thread, a young woman shares the story of her twin sister, a medical student, who was assisting a physician in a new hospital on her first day. During their chit-chat after surgery, they were—naturally—discussing medical school, and he mentioned the name of his and the year he graduated. Incredibly, that was the same year that her now-deceased father had graduated from the same medical school.

And when she asked the doctor if he’d known her father, the man’s entire demeanor changed. He said he’d been the man’s best friend. Her father died young, right before she and her sister were born, and through a twist of fate this man hadn’t known that he’d had children at all, let alone that one was following in her doctor father’s footsteps.

Even better, the doctor explained that after watching her father suffer from a rare form of cancer, he’d gone into a specialty designed to help others survive this same, devastating disease. He’d devoted his life to helping people inspired by the man whose daughter now stood before him.

What a truly small world.

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