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Witch Mechanic Claims to Put a Little Bit of Witchcraft Into All Their Work

There's even a toolbox altar.

When a person is informed by their faith, it makes sense that they put a little bit of their beliefs into everything they do. So it stands to reason that even a person working in the very modern and technically-informed world of mechanics leans a bit on their witchy beliefs when it comes time to blessing their tools of the trade. In this video, a self-proclaimed “grease witch” explains how well their love of fixing trucks goes with their witchy ways.


In this video, pagan car mechanic Austin James shares some of the ways he incorporates his practice into his work. From keeping a small altar with bones and other symbols in his toolbox to carving protective pentacles into his tools along with his initials. With the permission and blessing of his customers, James also marks the insides of the tires he installs with protective runes, as well as oil caps and oil pans.

“And no, don’t think if you come into my shop I’m going to hex your truck,” James insists. “My whole job is to keep y’all safe.”

Obviously, you can choose to take your business elsewhere, or ask him not to put such protective markings on your truck, but I appreciate the service person who wants to go the extra mile. It’s not much different than the shopkeeper who tells you to have a blessed day.

James says he’s been including these kinds of services in his work long before he became a mechanic. “I did this at Chipotle, too,” he says, but does not specify whether that meant he scratched runes into tortillas or spooned guacamole in pentacles.