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Psychic Matt Fraser Gives Kelly Clarkson’s Show Staff Eerily Accurate Messages From Deceased Loved Ones

One woman couldn’t stop sobbing...

Psychic medium Matt Fraser goes backstage at a Kelly Clarkson show and claims the living aren’t the only fans of the famous singer, saying he sees a hallway full of spirits of the deceased. The staff lines up in the hallway and Fraser points out that those who have passed away have lined up similarly across from them. He points to the first woman in line and says her grandmother is there. He says in connecting with her grandma’s spirit he can feel how proud she is of her, and that her fondest memories were of caring for the woman as a little girl when she would come to stay with her. The woman nods tearfully as he continues, saying the grandmother has been watching over her since she departed and that she knows she thinks of her every day. The woman brings out her phone to show that screensaver is a picture of her with her grandmother, so that she can see her every day.  

He skips the second man in line and goes to the woman behind him, saying her brother is here. She looks like she is going to cry but then Fraser continues, joking about her brother’s bigger than life attitude and she laughs, nodding as if he’s exactly right. He asks how old he was when he passed and she tells him her brother was forty-four. Fraser says he thought he was a younger brother, his spirit seems younger and like he never really grew up but kept up with the times, staying hip and cool. She laughs through tears, confirming what her brother was like in life.

Fraser takes her hand and says her brother wants her to know he’s sorry for everything she had to see with his sudden departure and that he’s thankful to her for everything she’s done to keep their family together when he couldn’t be there. Fraser astounds her further by saying her brother knows about the collage she made and he wants to know if she ever got the memorial tattoo of him. She can barely get out confirmation she has plans to for her birthday. Her brother communicates through the psychic that she doesn’t need to get a tattoo, that she needs to stop trying all these different ways to remember him, she’s already done so much and knows she will never forget him. All he wants is for their family to know that he is at peace, and he doesn’t ever want her to feel like they didn’t love each other enough or spend enough time together, because he knows they did.

He breaks the tension by asking what’s with all the cologne, he says he can smell that her brother mixed the scents and she bursts out laughing through the tears again. She says he would have so many bottles of fancy scents and would layer them on exactly as Fraser describes. 

Many people often wish they could have such vivid, clear, and precise interactions with the spirits of those gone from the mortal realm, but there are subtler signs that you might be psychic yourself. Some believe these gifts can be expanded with practice, so it’s never too late to see if you’ve got The Gift. 

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