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Man Captures Video of Sky "Turning Off" in Weird Glitch in the Matrix

It went from day to night a little too quickly.

There are a couple of things you can generally count on in this crazy world. Daytime is supposed to be light, and night is when it gets dark. So you can imagine why folks would get upset when the opposite appears to be true. A group of people on a city street the other night were stunned when the sky above their buildings lit up as if it was the middle of the day.


The video begins, understandably, after the strange phenomenon lights up the night sky to a brilliant blue. The people on film are already freaking out about whatever is going on. The sky remains as bright as day for several long seconds, as folks exclaim, call to others still inside, and whip out their own phones to catch a picture. Then, just as quickly, whatever has lit up the sky disappears, and everything becomes the same, hazy orange-purple-black of a city sky at night.

“It turned off,” exclaims one person in astonishment. “I got it on camera,” shouts another, but whether it’s to their fellow onlookers or whoever these alien sky lords are is uncertain.

A few people attempt to offer explanations in the comments, such as a blown transformer, or a problem at a nearby power plant. In the video, one onlooker warns that “the Feds” recently passed by, as if the two things are related. Maybe this is an operation by the legendary Men in Black?

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“Nah, that guy still doesn’t know what the switch does,” quips someone in the comments section.

“Whatever is in charge of the night and day, it just lost its job,” opines another. 

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