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New Clip Captures What Appears to Be a “Jumper” Accidentally Walking Through a Portal

Portals? Matrix Glitch? Faulty Camera? You decide.

A short clip surfaced on popular social media site Reddit that seems to show a man appearing out of thin air in the background of a local news clip. The news station seems to be interviewing a woman and behind her you can see a car drive past and then moments later there is a disturbance in the empty space and a man seems to slip out of this portal and walk away as if nothing happened. 

Some believe this is proof of a “jumper” traveling through a portal that connects time and space in ways we do not yet understand. Others say the lack of reaction from the other people in the area indicate it’s more like a glitch in the matrix, referencing the 1999 science-fiction classic The Matrix in which Artificial Intelligence has enslaved humanity.  

Sharp-eyed viewers might notice the building behind everybody in this clip has large reflective windows. These windows show a slightly different story. The reflection shows this man walking a few moments before he mysteriously appears in thin air, indicating video editing created this particular magic.

In instances like these, we like to remember the famous quote of Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

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