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This “Glitch in the Matrix” Story Will Give You Nightmares

The house that was never there...
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A glitch in the Matrix” refers to an experience that defies the laws of space and time. It is named for the 1999 movie about people living in a computer simulation, in which they use the term to describe times when the malevolent artificial intelligence that has enslaved humanity “reprograms” something around our heroes in order to try to trick and capture them. 

It’s often used for something cute of rueful. In this case, the glitch was actually terrifying, and worse, it did seem to be about something very odd trying to kidnap a pair of young women.

This video relays the story of a pair of young women looking to rent a house. It describes visiting the house and recognizing all sorts of details about the house as well as the neighborhood around it.

But as soon as they got inside, something seemed off, not just with the location, but with the man showing them the property. There was a boarded up window that he claims is due to a shed in the back, though that doesn’t fit with the layout of the house they saw in the exterior.

It gets worse. He next guided them to the bedroom, where he urged them to go inside and check out a dark, supposedly “walk-in” closet. When they refused, picking up on the red flags, he kept at it, bringing it up three separate times.

That’s when things really got weird. The woman says that’s the last thing she remembered. Next thing either of the two girls knew, they were in the car at a red light, several miles away, much later, with no memory of leaving the home.

She chalked it up to “disassociating” while attempting to escape the house.

And this is not the end of the story! Next, they drove back to the location of the house, and discovered that there was not only no building there, but the very property itself seemed to have vanished, with no space between the neighboring houses and buildings for a house to ever have been there at all.

Good luck sleeping.

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