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Woman Captures Authentic Glitch In the Matrix and the “Subtle” Details Aren’t So Subtle

This is too weird.
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When people say they are experiencing a “glitch in the Matrix”, they are making a reference to the 1999 film The Matrix, about humans trapped in a giant computer simulation. In the movie, a “glitch” occurs when the evil programmers controlling the simulation makes a change that the humans trapped inside notice. This is often experienced as a bout of deja vu, a break in the laws of time and space, or a strange doubling or freezing effect. The ensuing mistake is an indication to those trapped inside that they are, indeed, living in a simulation.

Now, more than two decades on, people use the term “glitch in the Matrix” to describe instances in which they, too, have noticed a break in the laws of physics that make it seem like reality is a little less than real.

Like this woman’s car and its eerily identical neighbor.


In the video, the woman films her colorful woven steering wheel cover and “Strength” Tarot card dangling from her rear view window, then pans over to the car parked next to hers, which features the exact same decor. The only notable difference is that her rear view window decor also features a cross, while her neighbor’s features an evil eye charm.

Viewers are highly amused. “I would've waited by my car like ‘You wanna explain this?’ when they came out,” remarks one, and the creator responds, “I did wait a good ten minutes.”

Others think it’s just a coincidence. “It’s actually a law that you have to have that steering wheel cover if you drive a Chevy Cruze,” one says, and every Cruze owner agrees enthusiastically.

The Tarot card, though, is harder to explain.