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Did a Mars Rover Discover An Alien Doorway on the Red Planet?

I dare Curiosity to roll up and knock.

The Curiosity Rover landed on Mars nearly ten years ago, assigned to a two year mission to survey the red planet. It’s still operational today, and sending back images that are causing quite a stir back here on Earth, such as this one, which looks suspiciously like a doorway.


This image, taken in May 2022, went viral when it was first released by NASA this summer, as it appears to show a rectangular doorway carved into the side of some Martian rocks. Folks were stunned, demanding that Curiosity take a closer look at this portal into the possible underground world of Mars.

Not so fast, says NASA. Upon the media outcry, they specified that the “doorway” is nothing more than a small fissure in the rock, only about forty-five centimeters (seventeen inches) across. This did not satisfy some alien enthusiasts, who said it might be possible that Martians are, well, small.

But in this case, it might be little more than wishful thinking. Careful examination of the photo reveals that though the shadows make this opening appear to be deep, it’s really nothing more than a shallow divot in the rock, probably only a couple of inches. Furthermore, from looking at the larger image, one can see that the rock face is riddled with cracks, and that the “doorway” happens to lie at the intersection of two of these fissures. The tendency of our human minds to try to find patterns in rocks, clouds, or other natural phenomena is called pareidolia.

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It is a bummer, though. We’ve all been waiting for one of these telescopes or rovers or satellites to beam us back a picture of a little green man. But we’ll definitely keep looking

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