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Woman Who Hails From a Long Line of Manifestors Gives Out Her “Secret” to Manifesting

Can’t hurt to try.

Manifesting” is the hot buzzword spiritual TikTok. Like the theory behind self-help manuals such as The Secret, manifestors practice a version of magical thinking that posits that you can create or reform your reality just by wishing it were so. Like many woo-woo ideas, there are various methods, magic spells—sorry, phrases—and other trappings of magic work masquerading as positive thinking. And sure, why not? Studies show that positive thinking does help, but this is taking the whole idea a lot farther.

This woman claims to come from a “long line of manifestors”—as if that’s a thing—and is here to tell you what her great-grandfather (seriously!) says works and what doesn’t.

Though she claims to be new to “manifesting TikTok,” she says that practices such as this are part of her family traditions. Then she cycles thorough some of the hottest new trends in this practice, such as:

The Whisper Method: This involves picturing yourself as the ideal vision of yourself, getting into a mediative state, then imagining yourself walking up to the person you’re trying to get something out of, whisper your request in their ear three times, and then waltzing out. This method was popularized by another “manifesting TikToker” who, to judge from photos, is not even from the same century as someone who can be described as a great-grandfather.

Other manifesting techniques she advises are using mantras consistently, and about choosing your words extremely carefully (apparently using “through” vs “”with” is something that can spell the difference between manifestation and failure), and a focus on what she calls “self-concept”, which is a fancy way of talking about self-confidence and a good self-image.

Newsflash. Confident people who know their goals and pursue them with a clear mind are more likely to achieve them. No magic involved.

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