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British Pedestrians Shocked By UFO in Sky Above Manchester

How curious!
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Perhaps this is boringly American of me, but I’m always a bit taken aback by reports of UFOs in Europe. Ghosts, sure. Cryptids, absolutely. But UFOs? Shouldn’t those be in some cornfield in Nebraska or something? But of course, the Brits have a long and glorious history of supposed alien encounters. After all, the United Kingdom is the home of the crop circle. Some UFO enthusiasts even think that Stonehenge might have been connected to visits by aliens thousands of years ago, but they say that about nearly every megalithic structure devised by early humans. If it was aliens, why would the Egyptians get extraordinary pyramids and the English just a pile of calendar stones?

And if it’s aliens again, what in the world are they doing in Manchester?

In the video, a group of pedestrians on a street corner point up in the sky, marveling at the silver disc high above them.

What is this strange thing?

The fact is, it’s not really an object at all, just a reflection of ground lights off an overcast sky. Think of the “bat signal” in Batman’s Gotham City, the communication device that works only because the city is shrouded in perpetual gloom with low-hanging clouds. The bat signal wouldn’t work on a clear night. Similarly, this "UFO" could not show up, unless there were clouds in the sky, as all it really is is a reflection from a spotlight or other light on the ground.

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