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Man Details Experience With "Angel"

It has comforted him for years.

Are angels among us? For many people, that answer is an unqualified “yes!” Stories abound of angelic experiences, of moments of protection, guidance, and wonder that no one can quite explain, although they are certain they will never forget.

That is certainly the case for this man, whose encounter with an angel, though brief, was one he carried for decades. 


In the video, a man tells the story of a night when he was a young boy. In the story, he was trying to go to bed in a new house, before he was officially adopted by the people who would soon become his parents, when he looked outside and saw a “massive” glowing woman in a robe. Stunned, he went to find his parents to tell them that he saw “the Statue of Liberty” outside his window. Of course they didn’t believe him, but he knew what he had seen. And now, with the fullness of time he believes what he saw was actually an angel.

In the comments section, people are sharing their own angelic encounters. One says they were dozing off while driving a car when they felt sharp taps on their shoulder, waking them up. Another claims that beings with wings surrounded them while they waited on a hospital gurney to go into surgery. A third tells a heartbreaking story of being pregnant looking up and seeing a glowing woman waiting in the doorway. A week later she discovered that unknown to her, her baby had died in her womb that day, and she believes the angelic presence was there to help escort the child to heaven.