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Paranormal Investigator Gets More Than He Bargained For

That should teach him to lie on a grave.
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I always thought the framing of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears was wrong. The story seems to expect us to sympathize with poor Goldie, when obviously it is a tale of home invasion and a massive violation of bears’ rights. Can you imagine minding your own business and coming home to find some stranger is lying in your bed? I think you’d be pretty upset. Similarly, all of my sympathy in this tale is with the spirit. A paranormal investigator thought he was pretty clever by daring to lie on top of a grave, but soon discovered that ghosts do not take too kindly to living people who disrespect their space.


In this video, a man lying on a grave is stunned when a ghost seems to grab him by the shirt and tug, as if to say, “Hey! This is my space!”

Viewers are torn. Some are in full agreement with the ghost. “Honestly, what did he he expect?” one observes. “This is so disrespectful.”

“You’d be pissed too if someone was lying in your bed,” says another.

Others are just frightened by the video. And some seem to view this as a well-edited fake. “This is a really good edit but basically that is clear duct tape on the shirt that's pulled off using fishing wire. Nice job, fellas,” says a skeptic.

But whether this is a fake or just an angry ghost, I think we can all agree on one thing: leave the dead to the dead, and MYOB.