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Man Hears Intense Knocking Coming From Utility Closet and When He Checks No One’s There

Time to move...

Apartment living can be tough. You have to deal with strange smells, nosy managers, and neighbors who just won’t keep it down.

But what if that neighbor is not downstairs, upstairs, or on the other side of the wall, but instead an entity in your own unit. One that you cannot see, but you most definitely can hear.

“When you live in a building built in 1932, odds are its haunted,” reads the caption on a recent TikTok video of a man who claims his apartment is haunted. And this ghost likes to bang on doors—loudly!—in the middle of the night. 


In the video, which is taken in the manner of a “first person shooter” game, a loud knocking appears to disrupt the evening of a man in a studio or efficiency apartment. He gets up to investigate, yanking open the closet door to reveal…nothing. The knocking ceases and the closet, as well as the rest of his small apartment, is empty.

“For real, bro unscrew the door from the hinges and yell at it. What it will knock on now?” advises one viewer in the comments.

And that may not be a bad idea. As we recently reported, although many folks feel helpless in the face of paranormal activity, we might be giving in too easily. Much might be accomplished simply by asking these rude spirits to knock it off. They may be restless, but that doesn’t mean the living can go without sleep.