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People Suspect This Man Was "Disappeared" After Filming a Giant on a Mountaintop

Tragic and bizarre.
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It’s hard sometimes to tell what bits of online lore are real and what are clever, multi-media concoctions meant to entertain the masses and maybe go viral. How often has a buzzy if outlandish story later been revealed as a viral marketing campaign or a bunch of film students’ final school project. The internet is currently crawling with conspiracy theories about a TikToker who posted some very strange content before abruptly disappearing. Did he really see a giant on a mountaintop? Was he actually followed by the CIA? Which video was the truth: his “confession” or fraud or his followup reveal that the previous video was coerced?

And finally, what happened to him?

This video breaks down the different things TikToker Andrew Dawson posted to his channel beginning in April of 2022. First, he posted a shaky video of a strange figure seeming to be walking on top of a snowy mountain ridge in Canada. Later, he posted videos showing that the object was not a permanent structure of any kind (radio tower, cross, etc.) on that peak. Still later, he shared videos of helicopters circling the area, and of officials telling him he was not allowed to access the road to that peak.

Then it starts to get weird. He shared a clip of himself filming a car he said was following him, Then claimed in a video that he was being harassed by “CIA agents.”

In May of 2022, he posted a long, brightly-lit video claiming that every other posting on this subject was an elaborate fake. Many viewers, however, claim this one looks coerced, especially because after hat, in a video titled “I AM SCARED” he posted a hushed, dimly lit confession that not only were all the videos real, but that he might “never be seen again.”

His last video was posted on May 17.

And in July, an obituary appeared in the British Columbia paper The Campbell River Mirror, listing Andrew Dawson’s death. This only added fuel to the fire of conspiracy theorists, certain now that what he saw on that mountain was real, and that he was paying for the investigation with his life.

But if that was the case, why are all the videos still online?

Our sympathies go out to Dawson’s family in this difficult time.

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