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Man Buys Haunted House "With Whatever Is Still Inside" and Gets Huge Shock

Now his whole family is getting sick.

Low interest rates have made the real estate market a hot spot for developers who hope to capitalize on tear-down properties and make a profit. But this young entrepreneur got more than he expected when he bought an abandoned house from a woman whose only stipulation was that he agreed to “take whatever is inside of it.” I’m sure the man thought that just meant old junk and furniture, but he was given far more. 


In these videos, developer Armia Azadian and his sister go over a video they just took of the property and realize there was a creepy head in the window watching them. Undaunted, they continue to renovate the house, including breaking open a safe they found in the basement and taking the ancient gold jewelry they find inside for themselves. It’s like these two have not even seen one Indiana Jones film.

Perhaps predictably, bad things start to happen. First, the neighbor calls him in the middle of the night to tell him to stop making noise. As Azadian was not at the property at the time, he was surprised. He rushes over to discover all the new windows he installed had been broken.

Later, in a chilling final update, Azadian and his sister report that ever since they took the jewelry into their own home, weird stuff has been happening. His sister, who went so far as to wear the necklace, developed a strange cough that is not due to any allergy or virus, and often wakes at night, dreaming that someone is holding her. Azadian, too, says he can’t sleep ands been hearing strange noises and seeing someone out of the corner of his eye.

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I guess they did indeed end up with whatever was inside their new home. 

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