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TikTok Star Mama Tot Claims Her Recently Murdered Son Left Her a Beautiful ‘Sign’

This is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Ophelia Nichols, known to her millions of fans on TikTok as “Mama Tot” faced tragedy last month when her son Randon Lee (18) was murdered at a gas station outside Pritchard, Alabama. While authorities investigate this terrible crime, Nichols and her family were faced with the unthinkable task of laying the teenaged boy to rest.

And so it must have been a source of great comfort for Mama Tot that, on the day of the funeral she got a sign from her son that his spirit was still with her. 


In the video, Nichols tells the tearful story of the day of her son’s funeral service. She said she wanted to put something of hers in the casket with him, and was shocked to find a blue jay feather sitting there on her dresser in her bedroom. Though she had found a blue jay feather weeks earlier, she knew that she hadn’t placed it there.

Nichols put the feather in the casket with her son. Days later, her husband found another feather, and gave it to her. Nichols said she took this as a sign from her son as well, and in his honor, she has decided to get one last tattoo.

Despite having discussed to fans previously that she was done with ink, she has decided that in honor of her baby, she will get a tattoo of a blue jay feather, as he already had a tattoo with her name on it. “I think I’m going to get it on my foot,” she said, “in representation that every step I take, he’s right there with me.”

And he will be.