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Level Up Your "Main Character Energy" Bed

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Recently, we wrote about getting “main character energy” and using it to achieve goals, attract attention, and make people fascinated with you. It’s also called the “Marilyn Monroe Effect” due to its association with the famous movie star, as it was said that she was capable of walking down the street without anyone recognizing her, as long as she didn’t have her star wattage burning. But a version this power can be yours, too, and proponents of the technique say they really notice the difference.

In this video, a woman details how you can use the energy not just in social or work situations, but also in private, intimate moments, to elevate the experience for everyone involved.

In this video, she says a viewer claims that she used the “main character energy” at a bar. A bunch of gentlemen bought drinks for her, and she came away from the evening with several social plans. But the creator of the video says that she can harness that energy further, and even take it to bed with her.

Now, we’re skeptical of the idea that one might want to “put your energy on the four corners of the room” while having sex. Wouldn’t you rather, you know, keep your energy on yourself and your partner? But she says it’s more about “owning the room” and expanding “your feminine energy.”

At the core, it’s really about exuding self-confidence. And that’s always attractive.

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