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DIY a Working Magic 8 Ball with Runes

Painting rocks is surprisingly more fun than it sounds.

Some ideas are too good not to try, which is why this woman had to experiment with turning the Magic 8 Ball answers into rune stones she can cast for divination readings. She used the answers yes, no, maybe, and rephrase which she turned into individualized sigils to paint on the stones. She used rather complicated sigil designs which she points out as something she would do differently next time, and use simpler runes. Glass gem vase filler stones work very well for this craft.  

She then uses a gold paint marker to transfer her personalized sigils on to the stones. She chose a traditional matte white, but there are many different color options available and any will work just fine. Once they are dry they can be placed in a rune pouch. Ask your question, shake up the bag, and then dump all the stones out. Whichever one is face up is your answer.

Sigils are easy and fun to make, and can be created from any words or meanings one finds useful. Simply write the word or phrase on a piece of paper, crossing out all the vowels and repeated consonants. That reduction can then be reduced further to the basic shapes that are left which can then be combined and stylized for a custom sigil mark. 

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