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Don’t Forget to Spiritually Cleanse Your Phones, Witches

Wtichy solutions to modern problems.

Modern technology has transformed phones into more than an object, allowing the communicative space to become a place - and all places can benefit from a good spiritual cleansing, including digital ones! This witch has tips for cleansing phones and social media like one would cleanse their home and living spaces.


The first tip is to cleanse your phone physically and digitally within the app structure to keep positive energy flowing in freely. It’s always good to disinfect the outside of a phone now and again for general hygiene but it’s also important to declutter any unused apps or information that is no longer needed.  

The next tip is to change contact photos of any toxic contacts to protective symbols and runes. Unfortunately there are always people we must keep in our contact lists despite preferences, so this is a good way to keep their negative energies off of you when contact is unavoidable. When subtlety is called for, one can use photo editing apps to add sigils to pictures and then turn down the transparency to hide them in plain sight. 

 Another place to hide sigils is in the phone case itself, where a few protective bay leaves could also be added. For a double whammy, draw the sigils directly on a bay leaf. 

It can never hurt to end a home cleansing with a smoke smudging, although incense can be used on smaller things like phones in a pinch. This is especially good to implement after a break up or major change like moving home or upgrading a phone.

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