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This Haunted Seminary In Ohio Is Basically an IRL Horror Movie

Visitors claim it was one of the most “evil” places they’ve been.
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As paranormal videos take off all over the internet and “ghost hunting” shows proliferate on cable, more and more people have gotten in on the supernatural action. They create their own ghost hunting teams and travel from abandoned school to abandoned asylum, from ghost town to haunted amusement park, and as many cemeteries as they can find—hoping to record something that will go viral online.

“The Madison Seminary was built 1847 and it previously functioned as a school, hospital, and as housing for the families of those killed in the American Civil War,” begins the caption over this lengthy video of some ghost hunters exploring a supposedly “notorious” haunted building in Ohio.

The video starts like any horror movie, with darkened shots of abandoned streets, hallways, and the empty eyes of a doll, all displayed with appropriately creepy music. The rest of the video is devoted to the team of ghost hunters calling out to the spirits supposedly haunting the place, occasionally describing their gruesome deaths, and asking them to give them a sign of their presence. In between these please there are shots of creepy empty hallways with captions like “*unexplained movement*” superimposed on the images. Is there unexplained movement? Is there any movement? Unclear.

Maybe this place truly is haunted, and maybe these stories about it are true. A quick interview with someone who works at the location seems to hint at some scary activity, but if they are saving all heir best moments for an full-length YouTube video, it might be good to at least toss us a bone or two to make it worth clicking over.

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