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Woman Shares How “Lucky Girl Syndrome” Is Changing Her Life

Worth a shot.

The idea of “manifestation” or “the law of attraction” is not new. It wasn’t even knew when the blockbuster book The Secret made the concept a household name. Basically the idea is that you attract to you the things you are putting out in the universe, and that you are capable of “manifesting” things if you wish about them or think about them or chant about them hard enough. Kind of like prayer, but with a New Age twist.

And hey, it can’t hurt. Also, reminding yourself of your goals is a good way to work toward them. So I’m willing to try this viral “Lucky Girl Syndrome” trend sweeping TikTok. Why not? Let’s start the new year off right.

The bottom line is that you repeat to yourself as often as possible, “I’m very lucky, things just work out for me,” or variations thereof. And then…wait for things to start working out.

Skeptics will call this a type of cognitive bias called confirmation bias, in which you remember the times this worked out, and discard instances in which it didn’t. However, these cognitive biases can work in your favor. You may not actually be able to change your luck, but you can certainly feel that way. Any good therapist will tell you that going around counting only the bad things in your life is a sure path to depression and despair. Counting your blessings has as long and glorious a history as the law of attraction, but it’s about shaping your mood instead of your reality, and watching your perception of that reality shift as a result.

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