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How To Make a Lucky Coin Talisman To Bring in Extra Income

Give this a try.
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 These days, everyone could use a little extra cash. My grocery bill alone has been shooting through the roof. Every time it seems there’s a little surplus, another bill comes in. If this describes you, too, maybe you’ve been searching for ways to tighten your belt, or even take in the occasional second (or third) gig to make ends meet. Well, before you start rationing bread or picking up extra shifts, have you considered bringing in money…by magic?

In this video, a woman shows how to make a lucky coin talisman to help bring in wealth and success. It seems easy enough, and is certainly worth a try.

First, take a coin and some olive oil. Rub them between your hands. Then, take a red thread or string (embroidery thread works well for this). For the purposes of this craft, red is the color of money, success and power. This holds true for a variety of cultures. (In some Asian cultures, gifts of money are delivered in red envelopes for its symbolic significance.) Wrap the thread around the coin in an X shape.

Then, put the coin in a hidden place near the entrance of your home or near a window to attract wealth into your space.

And that’s it! No eyes of newt of dragon’s blood required. Though the popular ideas about witchcraft is that it’s some rarefied arcane art that requires exotic ingredients and expensive crystals and cauldrons, it’s important to remember that most traditions were formed by ordinary people with few resources, and thus supplies can be basic and homey.

Which is good, because I bet dragon’s blood costs a mint.

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