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Loyal Dog Still Seems to Appear in Photos Long After He Died

You see it too, right?
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The loss of a family pet can be a time of immense grief, as the comfort and love provided by a companion animal is so pure and uncomplicated. For months after my dog passed away, I would think I heard her signature scratch at my door, or the pressure of her warm, fuzzy body on the foot of my bed. Even now, I like to imagine that her spirit still visits me whenever I dream of her.

This man thinks his dog’s spirit is still with him as well, and indeed, the animal still miraculously appears in photographs.

In this video, a man shares a photo of his beloved Rottweiler mix, and then another photo in which he swears he caught a shadow of his dog’s spirit lurking in the leaves. And indeed, the shadows under that bush look remarkably like that beautiful dog.

Here’s the part of the story where I’m supposed to talk about pareidolia, which is the human mind’s tendency to see patterns, especially the patterns of people or animals, in random shapes and shadows. It’s why we think coatracks look like hulking shapes in the dark, or can find pictures in the clouds. I’m supposed to say that’s not his dog, it’s just a conveniently shaped shadow.

But I’m not going to. Because as every pet lover knows, it’s nice to think that they visit us, in whatever form they still can.

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