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This Finnish Midsummer Spell Will Reveal Your True Love

It's easy and fun!

All over the Northern Hemisphere, people are readying their summer solstice celebrations. The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year for those north of the equator, and cultures all over the world mark the holiday in different ways. In Finland, up near the Arctic, where even the “southern” city of Helsinki enjoys a whopping nineteen hours of daylight this week, there’s a tradition of using the short Midsummer’s Eve for a quick magic spell meant to reveal the identity of your true love. 


I love a nice, simple spell, especially one that doesn’t make the neighbors give me funny looks. And this one can be managed with a minimum of drama (as long as you don’t choose to do the “naked” variation. All you have to do is gather seven different kinds of wildflowers, bind them together, and place the bouquet under your pillow before you go to bed. It is said that if you do so, you will dream that evening of your one true love.

The trick, of course, is finding seven kinds of wildflowers in this day and age of environmental degradation, but with nineteen hours to do it, the Finns definitely have a leg up on this spell.

In the comments, viewers reminisce about performing this magic throughout their childhoods, as it’s apparently a tradition in several other countries as well, such as Sweden and even Estonia. One woman said she remembered performing this spell as a child, only dreaming of women, and being disappointed. “Now… it is definitely not a sad thing,” she said, adding a smiley face emoji.