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Woman Believes Deceased Nonna Helped Her Find Missing Wedding Ring

Her grandmother lost it years ago, and it mysteriously showed up!

This woman lost her beloved grandmother to covid, but before she passed away she spent seven years lamenting the loss of her wedding ring. Months after her passing, her granddaughter finds a big surprise!


The granddaughter was getting ready to go to a party and wanted to wear some jewelry. This was out of the norm for her, but she went with the feeling and decided to wear some of her Nonna’s. She went into her room to look for some but didn’t find anything to suit the occasion. She was about to leave when something on the floor caught her eye. Centered perfectly on the middle of the floor was a gold and silver ring. She picks it up and slips it on her finger, finding it to be a perfect fit.

Upon closer examination it is discovered the inside of the ring has an inscription - it was her grandmother’s wedding ring! This woman believes her grandmother wanted her to have it and found a way to send it to her from beyond. 

Finding symbolically significant objects in one’s path is one of the most common signs sent from deceased loved ones. There are many reports of people who believe they received final goodbyes from those reaching out from the afterlife in mysterious ways. These signs and signals often bring great comfort to those who find them, giving them a sense of peace or closure they were unable to resolve previously.

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