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Woman Inexplicably Finds Years-Lost Jewelry In Unexpected Place and Is Convinced It’s Not Coincidence

That’s low-key creepy.
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One time, I was packing to leave on a big trip and I lost my favorite necklace. This was a necklace. Had had for nearly twenty years and wore regularly and it… just disappeared. I looked everywhere, in all of the usual places (jewelry boxes, purses, gym bags, behind cabinets where it might have fallenHeartbroken, I left on the trip.

Two days into the trip, I found the necklace in the pocket of my purse where I keep my keys. Obviously I had been in that pocket many times already during the trip, but my necklace suddenly appeared there after all this time? After not being anywhere for the better part of a week? What kind of supernatural nonsense is that?

What I’m saying it, I get where this woman’s freak out is coming from. 


In the video, a woman explains that years ago, when she was just a teenager, she lost a “purity ring” her family had given her. She was so upset by its loss that her grandmother gave her another ring set in her possession. This ring set she also lost, later, in college.

Except she just walked out to her car and found both sets of rings in a little bag on the ground near her vehicle.

The woman is utterly baffled by their unexpected reappearance. Viewers of this video have many wild theories, from a stalker who has kept her possessions for years, and is sending some kind of message, to a friend who might have stolen the items and now feels guilty enough to return it.

Or maybe, like with my necklace, it was guardian angels. Although, do they use little plastic bags?

What do you think?