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LA Residents Baffled by Invisible "Wailing Woman" Outside Their Homes

"My daughter is convinced it's La Llorona."

La Llorona, or the weeping woman, is a spirit out of Latin American folklore, a vengeful ghost who takes the form of a loudly sobbing or wailing woman. Depending on which origin story you hear, she is the tormented should of a woman who drowned her children, or a demon out to kidnap others. The story is commonly told to young children to scare them into good behavior, especially at night or around possibly dangerous bodies of water. If they don’t stay inside, or listen to their parents, or remain safe, they might be taken by La Llorona.

The tale has spread throughout Central and South America, and perhaps this spirit has even invaded Oklahoma. However, in this video, the sound of a weeping, wailing woman is heard in Los Angeles, California. 


The video plays several recordings taken outside the door of a woman’s house in L.A.. Out there in the darkness one can hear the sounds of a woman wailing furiously. Though not all of her words can be understood, several lines stand out very clearly, such as “Oh God” and “Give them back.”

As the sound was disturbing the neighborhood and the residents were worried about what might be causing such agony, they called the police, but despite the noise, the cops were not able to locate its source.

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“Yup, that’s her,” agrees someone in the comments section who has familiarity with this particular haunting. “Keep your babies inside,” warns another.

Others, arguing that La Llorona is supposed to be in Mexico only are clearly unaware with the history of California.

There have been no updates as to the true identity of this woman and the tragedy she suffered, leading many to think their initial assessment of La Llorona was indeed correct. 

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